Twister & Spin 360: Illuminating everywhere

2015-10-21 | AMPRO
Two of the most recent TECSHOW developments are now available worldwide: Twister 360 & Spin 360.

This fixtures emerge as the result of an exhaustive search of new horizons. With the vision set in small and medium venues, the emphasis was placed on creating a versatile and effective solution.

Its 8 x 10W LEDs, plus the innovative design and its 3º beam angle makes these effects a completely new lighting alternative. Beyond its specific characteristics, both fixtures are united with the striking visual effect they achieve.

Ideal for dance floors, both sound-active or DMX modes, far outweigh traditional LED effects, combining speed, coverage and definition of its outstanding beams.

In addition, one of its most notable features is the ability to emulate traditional beam moving heads, making them ideal for a large-scale impact on any stage or dance floor.

Twister 360, is an innovative beam moving head with 8 lenses, which allows its user to cover 360º. The fixture is powered by 8 x 10W LEDs, each of them with a 3º beam angle. Limitless pan, pixel by pixel control, linear 0-100% dimmer, strobe function and its integrated programs ensures a high-impact visual effect.

Spin 360, on the other hand, is a LED effect with 4 lenses that achieve great speed and coverage. Like Twister 360, it sports 10W LEDs (4), each one with a 3º beam angle, thus projecting sharp and powerful beams. In this case, continuous tilt and the ability to control pixel by pixel adds versatility to a fixture that also has strobe function, 0-100% linear dimmer and integrated effects.
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