2015-09-29 | AMPRO
TECSHOW proudly announces the release of three of its masterpieces. Amongst the distinguished ION Series family, ION 715Z, ION 1915Z and ION 280 3-in-1 are now available worldwide.

With a 10º to 60º variable beam angle and very remarkable power, ION 715Z and 1915Z form a tandem of moving heads with the latest technology. While the 19-LED version sports pixel control, his little 7-LED brother has integrated patterns to achieve high-impact effects. Both have 4-in-1 15W LEDs, ensuring high power and uniform mixture of color, thus reaching ideal saturation and color vividness. Two fixtures born to satisfy the most demanding lighting designers.

As for ION 280 3-in-1, the focus was pointed on providing professional users a fixture that can cover beam, spot and wash moving head needs in only one. In this equipment we can find a Sirius® 280W lamp, a frost filter ideal for generating uniform wash effect that, in addition to its large zoom range, allows the beam angle to go from 2º to 23º. Rotating and fixed gobo wheels, 6-facet prism, dichroic filters, motorized focus and all the expected features of an equipment of its caliber can be found in ION 280 3-in-1. One moving head, three functions and the highest quality.

Still, although each fixture has its own attributes, we want to see them in action together. The result was amazing. Watch the video and take a journey to the ultimate ION experience.
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