ION 610B RGBW & ION 620B

2015-02-12 | AMPRO
TECSHOW proudly presents two beam moving heads with multiple beams that come to bring a new alternative to your lighting designs with impact and versatility.
The biggest innovation of both moving heads is the capacity to project 6 sharp beams, divided in two tilt bars of 3 LEDs each, indepently controlled. Now one moving head is equal to 6 beams with independent control. No limits.
Like in all ION SERIES, the constant is the speed of its movements, the capacity of controlling the equipment without cables - thanks to its Wireless Solution® card (optional) - and its compact design.

The ION 610B RGBW excels for its 10W RGBW, 4-in-1, LEDs. Thanks to those diodes, the RGBW color mix is smooth and seamless. In addition, its 2.5º beam angle ensures a defined and razor sharp beam, ready to stand out in every design.
The units sports pixel by pixel control, linear 0-100% dimmer & strobe function, allowing you to control every aspect of your setup. In matters of color temperature, the ION 610B RGBW features 4 color temperature presets: 3200K, 4200K, 5600K and 8000K.

ION 620B
The ION 620B, in the other hand, sports 6 20W LEDs and a 2.5º beam angle. As in the ION 620B, it has pixel by pixel control, linear dimmer and strobe function.
Besides the versatility, the biggest advantage that this equipment has is the power of its beams, thanks to its optics and LEDs.
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