AMPRO Highlight Products of 2014

2015-01-09 | AMPRO
As we are getting deep into 2015, we take some time to remember some of our highlighted products of the past year: #AmproHighlight2014.

As we start this list there is no way to forget about Tecshow´s continuous pan rotation mini moving head: The Rotomad.

This tiny devil is powered by 7 OSRAM® RGBW 15W LEDs and an 8° beam angle. Thanks to its pixel by pixel control the unit can accomplish limitless effects.

Rotomad comes in a lightweight design and provides silent operation, which makes it ideal for mobile use or fixed installations.

But Rotomad has some competition ahead.

Take a look to the Beamer. Yeah, this Tecshow compact moving head is lock and load to beam everything you want with its 2R 132W lamp and a 2.5º beam angle.

Boost your creativity with its 13 colors + open, CTB, CTO and rainbow effect, 14 static gobos + open and its 8-facet rotating prism.

You can also stay in control of your show with Beamer´s motorized focus even in the most challenging environments.

What about the MasterPAR?

That´s right, it´s time to wash the show and this contender has everything you need to rock it.

Powered by 18 x 6-in-1 12W LEDs and a 40º beam angle, this LED par is the ideal solution for any given application. It features a six-color LED technology, which enables smooth RGBWA+UV mix with no multicolor shadows and UV mode.

TV Studios? The unit sports a LED refresh rate of 2000 Hz.

Not enough? MasterPAR is designed to give you great flexibility with its 4 operational modes (Auto run, Manual, Sound active, DMX & Master/Slave) and 0-100% electronic dimming.

Dazzled with Tecshow lighting products? It´s time to add some music to the party.

DJ, please turn on the music with our DMC-100II.

This 2 channel DJ midi controller features gain control knobs, a precise crossover, 3-band EQ per channel and touch-sensitive jog wheels with scratch function.

Stay on top of your mixes with the DMC-100II´s sync function or add momentum with the unique stutter effect.

Last but not least, the icing on the cake. The product that will let you be in two places at a time.

From Pixelvision to the world: The PXL605-VP.

The PXL-605VP is a professional video processor with a wide variety of inputs that allows you to put 2 sender boards inside the processor cabinet to handle the screens with only one computer.

The unit features 10 output formats from 1024x768 to 2048x1152 with simple and straightforward image scaling, using only the coordinates of the source and screen format.

This controller is the ideal complement to all of Pixelvision screens, allowing for quick, customized and agile settings, with a very fast and intuitive configuration.

Nothing else to stay. The options are on the table.

You be the judge, we really can´t choose between them.
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