Tecshow @ Bongos Cuban Café

2014-12-02 | AMPRO
Bongos Café from Orlando´s Downtown Disney has joined the AMPRO family with the installation of several lighting fixtures.

The company in charge of the design & installation was FMLab Inc. Based in Hollywood, Florida since 2003, FMLab Inc. is dedicated to the design, installation and repair of professional sound & lighting equipments. His owner, Fernando Mezzarapa, told us the reasons behind the choice of each product.

In the matter of beam moving heads, the election was the MadTEC. Acordingly to Fernando it was “an excellent alternative due to its lightweight, small size and amazing speed capacity. We were looking for a good beam equipment, able to highlight and combine colors, and at the same time, capable of including effects on the stage, walls and saloon when needed”.

The Project was also demanding some spot moving heads, and in this case the fixture choseen was the ION 150S. “When we thought of a high-power LED Spot moving head the answer come right away to our minds, ION 150S. They were installed in the second floor ceiling and came to perfectly illuminate the dance floor and stage with powerful, vivid and colorful effects”, where Fernando’s arguments.

Finally, Fernando told us that “to wash the stage and be able to mix it up with the MadTECs washing capacity we choose QuadTEC 10”.

This magnificent Bongo Cuban Café restaurant opened in 1997 in Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, a metropolis of fun. The buildings Old Havana architecture is dominated by a massive pineapple-shaped adobe structure that fills the skyline of Downtown Disney. Beyond the barriers of the typical enclosed bars, lounges, and nightclubs, this 550 seat family restaurant offers spacious surroundings that will allow you to be a conga line leader, or quiet spectator. The flavor of its roots, textures and colors define our stunning space like no other.

- 4 MadTEC
- 4 ION 150S
- 4 QuadTEC 10
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